Welcome to VPI Gun & Knife Shows. We appreciate your interest and want you to know we continually strive to insure a safe and profitable show. Therefore, we ask that you know, abide by, and help us enforce the general show rules for exhibitors:

No Loaded Guns. ABSOLUTELY NO LOADED GUNS ARE ALLOWED IN THE SHOW. This includes concealed carry and any dealer side arms. All guns must be tied during show hours – NO exceptions.


You can register for all events that are currently open on the VPI Home Page of website.  All non-gun related vendors must call or email our office before registering. 


Exhibitor Parking & Entrance.  Exhibitors’ parking is will be designated at each of our locations. Loading & un-loading will be done via the large roll up doors. The front doors to the show will not open on Saturday and Sunday until 9:00 am when the show opens to the public.

Set up times.  Exhibitors will be allowed to set up Friday from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm at all of our shows.  In addition, exhibitors may set up on Saturday morning from 7:00 am to 8:00 am. All exhibitors must have their booth ready and aisles completely cleared by 8:30 am.

Show Hours.  The show hours are from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Saturday and 10:00 am until 4:00 pm Sunday. Your booth is required to remain open during all show hours. Early closing may result in not being invited back.  If you have an emergency and must leave, please contact VPI Gun and Knife Shows personnel.

Table Set up.  The Alabama State Fire Marshal requires that we have a minimum amount of space between each aisle. Please DO NOT rearrange, move, or in any way change the way your booth and or aisle is set up as each row has been set to Fire Code. If there is some problem with your table set-up, please contact VPI Gun and Knife Shows personnel.

No Shows.  Any tables that have not been claimed (i.e. which do not contain dealer merchandise) by 8:00 am on Saturday will revert back to the show and may give away or resold. No refunds will be given. If you have a problem on the way to the show and are going to be late, please contact VPI Gun and Knife Shows personnel and we will work with you.

Cancellations.  No refunds or credit will be given on tables cancelled less than 1 week before the show or for anyone who is a no show for any reason (including weather). Credit will be given for the next show only if you inform us at least 7 days prior to the show that you will not be coming.

Sales Tax. Be advised that you are responsible for collecting sales tax on your sales and for being familiar with the tax rules regarding your business. The ALABAMA STATE SALES TAX DIVISION may have representatives attending the show in an official capacity. We will have the required forms and information available at the front desk.

Gun Stickers. Each exhibitor selling guns will be issued customized color-coded stickers (available at the front desk) that must be placed on any firearm you sell. Without this sticker or a detailed and dated sales receipt, your customer will not be allowed to leave the building with a firearm. This will enable us to verify that the gun has been purchased, and not stolen from someone’s tables. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to pick up gun stickers at the front desk prior to the opening of the show and as they run out and need more.

Customer Firearms. Every firearm which a customer brings in to the show will be checked and secured with a nylon cable tie at the front desk and a special sticker will be placed on the firearm. No Exhibitor may handle or offer to buy any customer’s firearm that does not have this sticker and tie, verifying it was checked at the front door and is NOT stolen. During show hours, it is the responsibility of every exhibitor to immediately report to our security staff any firearm not having a sticker and/or tied.

Food | Drink Sales.  We do not allow vendors to sell immediately consumable food or beverages (such as sandwiches, soft drinks, cookies, etc.).  There are exceptions for packaged items such as beef jerky. If you plan on selling any food or beverage item, it is your responsibility to disclose these items to VPI Gun & Knife Shows prior to set up to ensure they will be allowed.

Alcoholic Beverages.  No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted in the show at any time.

Parking Lot Transactions. Dealers and Patrons are not permitted to transact ANY business in the parking lots.  Anyone making gun sales in the parking lots will be banned from all future shows.

Sales Outside Show Hours. Dealers are not permitted to transact any business with the public outside normal show hours. Anyone making sales to the public outside normal show hours will be banned from future shows.

Subletting of Tables. There will be absolutely NO subletting of tables without prior approval by VPI Gun & Knife Shows. In the event that you sublet any portion of your tables you are personally responsible for the merchandise and actions of your sub lessee.

Soliciting in Aisles. Dealers must remain behind their tables.  You are not permitted to stand in the aisles to solicit show attendees in front of your tables or anywhere else in the show.

Prohibited Items. VPI Gun & Knife Shows retains the right to have any exhibited items it deems to be in poor taste or otherwise inappropriate (in its sole discretion) to be modified or removed. This includes but is not limited to explosives, bombs, incendiary devices, pornography, or illegal items of any kind.

No Loose Ammo. No loose rounds of ammunition may be on your tables. Likewise, ammunition may NOT be placed in any magazine, cylinder, chamber, or barrel. Ammo must be boxed or placed in sealed plastic bags.

Anyone under 18.  Anyone under 18 years of age must he accompanied by an adult at all times.

Security. Although we provide security at the show, it is the dealer’s responsibility to secure all items on your tables. We strongly encourage (but do not require) you to use glass cases for small valuable items and security cable locks on any handguns that are displayed outside of a glass case.

Compliance with Laws & Rules. By exhibiting any items at our show, you agree to abide by all local, State, and Federal laws as well as all show rules. Safety is our primary concern.

Failure to Follow Rules. Failure to follow these rules may lead to eviction from the show. In such event no refunds will be given.

VPI Gun and Knife Shows does not insure the safety of any article brought on the show premises for any purpose. Security provided by VPI Gun and Knife Shows on the show premises is done solely to preserve public order and for the convenience of the VPI exhibitors and the general public. Anyone bringing items on show premises does so at their own risk.