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I'm, Chris Chandler, an online marketing expert with 20 years of experience in the industry. I am a skilled coder who has been hired by the likes of Amazon for my expertise. Having generated millions in revenue in my career online, I am able to rank your website in the search engines with my professional expertise in SEO, PPC ad campaign management, social media savvy, website maintenence & hosting skills, video editing, app development, and many more skills... too many to name. Rated 5 stars on outsourcing site for my expertise in Wordpress, if you need help, call me, I am the guy! Call or text me for a FREE INITIAL 15 minute consultation to see what I can do for your business! If you want to book a meeting first, go to my Calendly calendar page to set an appointment! Thanks, and looking forward to speaking with you!

Web Marketing Expert Chris Chandler

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